About Us

in passion with leather

In the industry for over two decades now, continuously serving well reputed major brands in the market. FAZONS is producing men leather jackets & women leather jackets wears including Fashion, Casual, Biker Garments as well as Gloves, Bags and Accessories using Cow, Sheep, Goat, Lamb, Buffalo, Sheep, Nappa Leathers. We have also extended our production to Textile Garments, Polo Shirts, T-Shirts and Jackets.

Fazons production capacity extends from its own-line to in-house brand, from customized mass production to OEM for brands.


Fazons produce quality leather and textile wears on optimized overheads and minimalist marketing spend to deliver quality products; for those who love quality at economical cost.

In-house brand

Uqaab Logo

UQAAB is a quality leather, sports and fashion apparels brand available online as well as at famous chain stores across the region.

Customized Mass Production

Fazons undertake mass production orders for custom / specific designed leather, sports and fashion apparels.

OEM / White label
For Brands

Fazons produces quality leather & textile wears for some of the known brands under an agreement with complete confidentiality and compliance to brand’s standards.